How to study during board examinations?

Posted: March 14, 2013 in General
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How to Score well in X and XII 


Regarding scoring of good marks in Board Exams, it is not so difficult.
You have to stick to few important tips:1. Firstly, study regularly, take out time for at least three subjects in
a day. Work more on those subjects, in which you feel you are weaker than other subjects.2. Do not leave any subject for more than 2-3 days. Every subject should be taken up for study at least in every alternate day. The important and difficult ones may be taken up everyday.

3. Devote at least 6-7 hours for self study.
But do not cut down too much on your sleep and enjoyment. Take out a bit of time for relaxing and entertaining also.
4. Whenever you study, don’t sit for too long continuously, you can also take one or two short breaks of 5-10 minutes during a continuous stretch of 3-4 hrs. of study.
This will help in maintaining your interest.
5. Be in touch with the CBSE previous years papers, sample papers etc. Keep on looking what has been the pattern of CBSE and what type of questions are generally asked. Also refer to their model answers.6. Whenever you give a test in school and obtain marks, just go through your answer sheet seriously and see where marks have been deducted and how can the errors be avoided next time.7. Take proper care of your health and hygiene. Do regular exercise, take more of green vegetables, milk and other nutritious food. Do not get tensed.

8. Although you must stick to NCERT books, but in science, maths, you must do some extra questions also. You can purchase a good book or question bank for that.

9. Be in contact with your teachers and ask them to evaluate yourself.

10. At the end of the year, do at least 8-10 model test papers for each
subject. This will help a lot.

Just keep working towards your Goal and keep on evaluating yourself.

Challenges are high, dreams are new,
The world out there is waiting for you,
Dare to dream, Dare to try,
No goal is too distant, No star too high..

Top Ten Tips For Increasing Concentration


1. Start assignments with some curiosity about the material and a positive attitude toward learning.
2. Designate a place where you go only to study. Use proper lighting.
3. Identify your distractions. Find ways to decrease them or to postpone them until study breaks (e.g., taking the phone off the hook, turning off instant messenger).
4. Decrease noises around you while studying. If you need some background music it should be soft. Keep the TV off.
5. Use “active study” techniques: sit straight in a chair at a desk, start out with questions about the material, outline chapters, underline key phrases after readinga section, write notes in margins, ask yourself what you have learned.
6. Divide your work into smaller manageable tasks that can be completed in a short period of time.

Push yourself to complete one small task, then move on to the next task. Focus on one small task at a time.
7. Use times of peak alertness for studying difficult or less interesting topics. When you are tired or hungry concentration will be lowered.
8.When your mind starts to wander come up with some cue words to say to yourself (e.g., “Focus.” “Get back on task.”) to focus your concentration again.
9. Take breaks when you have completed tasks or when you feel concentration has decreased. Breaks should be approximately 10-15 minutes.
10. If you have other assignments or issues on your mind write them down on a “to do” list or take a small step to deal with them. Then get back to focusing on the task at hand.

Study Time Table
  1. Make a realistic time table for your study i.e. the time table should be one, which can be followed. If you have only 6 hours spare for study and you want to devote all those hours for self study or you have made a time table which can not be followed for a longer time, avoid that.
  2. Make a flexible time table for study with some rigidity. For example, if you want to devote 2 hours daily for a particular subject, say science, then try to maintain the time of 2 hours everyday without fixing a rigid time.
  3. Try to stick to your schedules. For example, If you have decided to devote a total of 5 hours for self study, try to stick to that and study at least that much.
  4. The time table should be such that it is open to changes with time. After following the time table for few days, if you feel, overall time period or time period for a particular subject are improper then change them according to your requirements.
  5. Initially, don’t make exhaustive time table for self study. Increase your study timings every week. For example, if you are studying 3 hours in a week, try to increase 15 minutes in first week, 15-20 minutes in next week and so on.
Subject selection after secondary class X
It is one of the most common dilemmas we face in life, i.e. selection of subjects in class XI.
This is the starting of your career and therefore one must take proper care while selecting the subjects.
The selection of subjects depends entirely upon your own aptitude and personal choices.
Before selecting a subject, keep following things in mind:
1. The most important thing in selecting the subject is your OWN APTITUDE.
If you want to take up science in class XI, then judge yourself, did you liked science previously or it was just as usual as other subjects. Which subject was it that you always tried to excel from your heart and you kept working for that also?
It may be the subject you can take upon. The most important thing is selecting a subject is your passion. Which subject you are passionate about or you like the most? Identify the subject in which you always tried to score the highest or were too anxious about it.
2. Then, see your previous TRACK RECORD in the subject you wish to select i.e. JUDGE YOUR CALIBRE. For example, you wish to take biology in class XI, then look out how much did you score previously? If you think you’ve scoredwell then you can go for it.
3. Thirdly, If you’re still confused or you feel that it won’t work, you’ll not be able to decide, then CONSULT YOUR TEACHERS & PARENTS. Try to consult those teachers, who know more about you, your aptitude, your approach towards the subject. If you are thinking of taking Science with Biology (for medical stream), consult your science teacher, what he/she feels about you and your caliber. Sit with your parents and try to resolve the problem.
4. Regarding CAREER OPPORTUNITIES, they are vast in every field, provided you’re into the right field and you excel into it. If you do very well in Science with biology as option, you can go for CPMT or AIIMS (for Doctor) or if you do very well in engineering, you have options open for AIEEE or IIT (Engineer).
If you take up commerce or even arts, options are still available.
For example after taking up commerce, you can opt for the courses of CA, CS, BBA etc.
If you’ve taken up arts, you can opt several competitive administrative examinations.
Some common fields like MBA, Hotel Management, Aviation industry etc. are equally open to all streams.
So, don’t worry about career opportunities. Every field has a unique set of opportunities.
The MOST IMPORTANT THING IS YOU. So, It is you who has to decide (with the help of your teachers/parents) your own abilities and trapped potentials.Whatever you decide, take your own time, think seriously, keeping everything in mind.
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