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Does your mind fiddles from one thing to another?

Being able to focus during studying is certainly the key to score good marks in your exams and stand out from others. Concentration level or paying attention to what you are doing is something that comes from your subconscious mind. It cannot simply happen until your subconscious mind wants to do. But, the good thing is that you can practice, work hard and increase your concentration levels. So, if you are looking for tips to improve your concentration levels, here we listed some tips on how to concentrate while studying.
1. Maintain proper time for everything. Eat, sleep and study on time. We need sleep and food to lead a healthy and happy life. The key to concentrate while studying is your health. You should keep your body and mind healthy to maximize your concentration level.

2. Early to Bed and Early to Rise: It is good for both adults and teens or students to sleep early and get up early before 6 am. As the proverb says, “you need to lose something to gain something”. So, just plan and organize your daily routine properly and go to bed at the right time and wake up early.

3. Do Meditation: Try to do meditation for at least 20 minutes daily, concentrating on one specific thing and meditate. After completion of meditation, you should also practice some light exercises such as stretch exercises and stretches. You can also try yoga like pranayama (breathing exercise). This will keep you fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.

4. Study Early in the Morning: If you study early morning for at least two hours, your concentration levels can go high as sky, provided you follow the above tips as well. Your time will become triple, two hours of studying equals to six hours of studying, because your mind is fresh in the morning, both your mind and body act really swift early morning, hence you can concentrate better.

5. Avoid Disturbances: Find a place where there is less distraction and study there. Try to avoid any kind of disturbances and distractions while you are studying. For instance, studying and watching television doesn’t go well together generally. Light music or soft music prove beneficial for some people while studying, however it depends upon the individuals.

6. Swift off Your Mobile: Ensure that you keep your mobile somewhere far or switch off when you are going to study. Unnecessary calls from your friends or from others can distract your mind and spoils your study time. Set a particular time for studies and maintain that every day.

7. Take Breaks in Between: While studying, you should take some breaks in between. This will help you not to feel tire and bore of studying continuously. However, ensure that you don’t take breaks for too long. Again set a proper time and take breaks at the same time daily.

8. Find a Specific Spot for Studies: You can concentrate better, if you have a particular place that you usually study. Try to find one particular place where you find comfortable, less distraction and use it only for studies.

9. Visualize a stress-free Situation :As an exercise before you begin studying; think of those times when concentration is not a problem for you–no matter what the situation is. Now try to feel or imagine yourself in that situation. Recapture that experience immediately before your studies by placing yourself in those moments. Repeat before each study session.

10. Last, but not the least, keep your mind prepared when you are going to study. You should be ready mentally to study and concentrate on your books. And, to keep yourself ready, you need to follow all the above points.